Cafe Kitty: Soho’s Hip Hideaway

Ever heard about Cafe Kitty in Soho, London? This spot’s a bit of a hidden gem, nestled snugly on Walker’s Court. Don’t let the flashy lights fool you though – the real deal is inside. And it’s right next to Mood Sex Shop, but trust me, the menu’s way more exciting than what’s on display next door.

Soho’s Mixtape of Old and New 

Soho’s a chameleon, always changing its colors. Take the Boulevard Theatre, for instance. It used to be something else ages ago, but now it’s this hip place for shows and performances. Cafe Kitty’s part of that evolution, giving off a vibe that feels like vintage Paris mixed with an artsy touch.

Grub That’s Worth a Hoot 

Okay, brace yourself for the food rundown. They whip up these crispy potatoes that folks can’t stop raving about, and their Caesar salad? As good as the famous one from Hawksmoor. Plus, they’ve got this “Very Welsh” rarebit that’s got some spicy kick – it’s like a culinary dare, if you ask me.

Sippin’ and Treatin’ Yo’self

 It’s not just about the food. Cafe Kitty’s got killer cocktails like the Bad Kitty – gin, sloe gin, elderflower, lemon, and cava – it’s a real treat! And let’s not forget their desserts. Boozy knickerbocker glories and pear-gingerbread mousse – now that’s how you end a meal on a sweet note!

Soho’s Vibe Central 

Picture this: twinkling lights, a vibrant atmosphere – that’s Cafe Kitty encapsulating the lively spirit of Soho. Whether you’re sipping on a cocktail, digging into dessert, or catching a show nearby, it’s all about soaking in that buzz.

Giving Props and a Cool Read 

Before I bounce, gotta give a shoutout to Food Chain and Well Grounded for their awesome work! Oh, and there’s this book by actor Sean Wilson called “Jazz Food” – it’s packed with stories and recipes that sound like a must-read.

Cafe Kitty? It’s got that Soho charm with a fresh twist. It’s more than just a spot to grab a bite; it’s an experience. So, if you ever find yourself around Soho, swing by Café Kitty and soak in that buzzing vibe!