Chow Down with a Twist: Hong Kong Coolest Themed Eateries

Hong Kong food scene is no joke, right? But sometimes, you gotta spice things up a bit and add a dash of fun to your dining adventure. That’s where these quirky joints step in, bringing in themes from our favorite shows, flicks, and books. They’re not just places to grab a bite; they’re experiences, complete with Insta-worthy decor and menus that’ll make your taste buds dance.

Transformers: The Ark

Ever wanted to dine in the world of Transformers? Well, in Hong Kong, dreams do come true. The Transformers-themed restaurant partnered with Hasbro for a mind-blowing spaceship design and 3D tech. Once you’re in, say hi to a three-meter-tall Optimus Prime and soak in views of outer space from the upper deck. The food? Cybertronian comfort grub—burgers, chicken, and more—served by Autobots via 3D screens and conveyor belts. Yep, it’s as cool as it sounds.

9 ¾

Potterheads, this one’s for you! No Hogwarts letter? No problem. Swing by 9 ¾, a Harry Potter-themed cafe in Mong Kok. You’ll find the place decked out with everything Potter—brooms, wands, even the Sorting Hat. The menu? Think Western eats like burgers and pasta, but the drinks are where the magic happens, served in potion-style bottles. Oh, and don’t leave without a pic with those iconic Harry Potter-style glasses.

Cafe Match Box

Take a trip back to the ’80s at Cafe Match Box, a retro blend of a diner and a classic cha chaan teng. The vibe? Picture Hong Kong minibuses with Formica tables. What’s on the menu? Classic bites like French toast and BBQ pork. Plus, it’s family and pet-friendly—bring everyone along!

Bite by Bite

Feeling playful? Head to Bite by Bite, a playground meets Hong Kong-themed cafe in Mong Kok. Expect a fusion of traditional flavors and funky presentations like dish ball skewers served with masala curry. And the place? It’s like a playground, with tables sporting monkey bar handles that fit the theme.


Craving Korean vibes? Hoo brings the South Korean street eatery feel to Hong Kong with neon-lit interiors and authentic dishes like seafood pancakes and kimchi stew. It’s the spot for a post-work hangout!

Wonder Garden Cafe

Fancy a Wonderland adventure? The Wonder Garden Cafe takes you down the rabbit hole with Alice in Wonderland-themed decor. Try dishes like Smoked Carvair Risotto and sip drinks from pill-like bottles, just like in the classic tale.

Hibi Cafe

Remember school days? Hibi Cafe will take you right back with its Japanese school-themed setting. Wooden desks, chairs—nostalgia galore! And the menu? Classic Japanese comfort food to hit that nostalgia sweet spot.

Sinsa-dong Bathhouse

Who’d have thought? Dining in a bathhouse! Sinsa-dong Bathhouse brings that Korean jjimjilbang vibe. Sure, it’s not as spacious, but it’s got that unique touch. Try Korean comfort food like bulgogi and bibimbap in this out-of-the-box setting.

Cabin Crew Coffee by Holly Brown

Feel like you’re flying high at this airline-themed joint in Tsim Sha Tsui. Boarding gate displays, window seat walls with killer views, and premium coffee by Holly Brown—it’s all here, along with some classic eats like pizza and steak.


Always wanted to camp without the bugs? Campsite’s got you covered with its camping (or glamping)-themed spot. Expect a mix of Western and Japanese bites, from trail snacks to sizzling s’mores.

These places aren’t just restaurants—they’re experiences that’ll have your taste buds tingling and your camera roll stacked. So, pick a theme and dive into a world of culinary fun on your next meal out in Hong Kong!